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Idea’s for Today’s Capital Raise Environment

Raising capital can be very challenging. Like anything in life, there are moments where things can be very easy and others more difficult. If you offered a tech fund during the boom, it was easy. If you offered something illiquid after the financial crisis, it was difficult. Today...

Using Alternative Investments to Enhance Your Brand

Whether you run a tech start-up, the newest restaurant in the city, or a financial advisory, growing your business will always be a top priority. As an advisor, you are likely inundated with materials every week telling you how to create or develop your brand to attract new clients. This is no doubt an important endeavor...

2017 RIA Channel Checklist

As we head into 2017, Marrs Group, wanted to provide a few items that we are discussing with our clients to help them be successful this year and beyond. We feel that these basic points can be the difference between success and failure...

The Election, RIAs, and Alternative Investments

What impact should the election have on raising assets in the RIA channel? The election has been exciting, annoying, surprising, full of twists and now decided. With the choice made and it behind us, we move on and get back to business. As a financial services firm...